Masterclass On Secrets Of A Successful Panchakarma

Masterclass On Secrets Of A Successful Panchakarma

Panchakarma is the heart of Ayurveda, especially when it comes to healing chronic and challenging Heat issues.

In 2019, I saw signs in my body that showed clearly that it was time to do a Panchakarma.

I made this Masterclass when I finished the treatment to educate the people about its benefit, integrating details about my treatment.

The objective of this Masterclass is to educate you about the science of Panchkarma, its benefits and precautions.

This Master class educates you about

    • What is Panchkarma?
    • How do you prepare for it?
    • What are the various therapies which integrate with Panchkarma?
    • What kind of precautions should you take?
    • Who should not do Panchkarma?
    • What can you expect after the treatment?

These all come from my work of 18 years in the clinic, helping people get good results from the science of Panchkarma along with my husband, Dr Mahesh Kumar.


Start date: 2020-04-15



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